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Steam line making ticking noise.

Dennis Member Posts: 98
I have a customer with an expansion noise traveling up the pipe from the basement to their bedroom. This is not a water trap issue but a quick 5-10 second expansion noise. The system one pipe vents at the end of each supply line with adjustable vents on each radiator.
I suggested the customer (carpenter) remove the masonry locking the pipe elbow into the foundation wall. I can see asbestos insulation on the riser, most all insulation has been removed with some replaced on the return line and supply near the entrance to a crawl space. I'm thinking this was done to allow access while not risking a burn from the pipes.

Am I on the correct path? One caveat the near boiler piping is incorrect, however this does not seem to be the cause of any other issues, or this problem. The offending riser is the last on the supply line.
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  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 17,121
    Definitely on the right track. The trick with that sort of noise is to figure out all the places where the pipe is rubbing on something or is restrained, and allow it some freedom to move or slide. Plastic milk jug shims in holes, that sort of thing. And that restraint in the foundation wall isn't helping at all...
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