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Two loops not working- I'm stumped...

Bucky Member Posts: 47
edited October 2020 in Radiant Heating
Hi everybody! The system was working just fine last winter (that's what they all say I bet)...

Anyhow, fired up my floors for the first cold snap and things aren't going as expected. #s 1 and two (yellow and green) are the sunroom and working fine (1GPM when the actuators were open). #s 3 and 4 (blue and red) are the kitchen and I can't seem to get any flow. I turned off the thermo in the sunroom to see if it was a head problem (bad circ) but as you can see those actuators have closed and I'm still getting no flow from the other two loops. I did crank the balancing valves on those two loops all the way open (counterclockwise) but no change. Not sure what the issue could be..could they be airlocked somehow? It also seems rather unfortunate that the two bad loops are in the same room- or maybe that's a function of their position on the loop?

Any ideas? Thanks!

p.s. pardon the sloppy wiring...that's a product of my original manifold with "euro" actuators. I was replacing those at an amazing clip, and wasn't very neat when I did them since it was an emergent situation. I shoulda re-organized when I replaced the manifold/actuators, but obviously I'm a slacker...


  • Bucky
    Bucky Member Posts: 47
    Well, tonight it's working. I guess it just needed a little time to get going!!
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,330
    Bucky said:

    Well, tonight it's working. I guess it just needed a little time to get going!!

    It's great when problems just take care of themselves...
    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
  • rick in Alaska
    rick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,362
    Take the heads off and see if the pins are sticking down. I just fixed one that was giving me fits, and only found it by accident. I usually put a drop of oil directly on the pins to keep them moving, and then work them up and down by pressing on them.
  • Bucky
    Bucky Member Posts: 47
    Cool, good tip, thanks! I will do that and hopefully won't have a re-occurrence. I guess the seemingly bizarre nature of those two loops (whose only connection is via the thermostat, logically) would be the ones that went gonzo for a bit. But then again, they both should have the exact same number of open/close cycles under their belt....