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Hot water boiler/ no heat

NoeVNoeV Member Posts: 40
Having trouble figuring out why the boiler is not getting water. I see that water reaches the boiler up until the 3-way valve. Need your advice guys.

Recirculating pump, impeller and coupler ok. At first that is what I thought was the issue. There seems to be enough water in the system for the radiant floor area in the basement for heat but not enough for the upstairs. TIA


  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Member Posts: 7,183
    What does the pressure gauge show with the system cold/cool?
  • NoeVNoeV Member Posts: 40
    O pounds on the gauge definitely have no water coming in the boiler. Must be that brass valve on the third picture in front of the expansion tank
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Member Posts: 7,183
    I believe that valve is actually a pressure regulating auto fill valve that came with that tank.
    They were an idea that never caught on, IIRC.
    Most that have shown up here were replaced as below.

    You most likely need a separate PRV fill valve and new expansion tank. Both items to be set to 12 PSI which will push water up for 2 floors. The new tank needs to have charge checked before installing.

    Is that a return copper line coming out of the floor near the tank?
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 1,631
    Thats a fil-troll tank. RE Michael's #109 or 1109 I think.
  • NoeVNoeV Member Posts: 40
    There’s the 1/2” copper line feed. And then a return from the floor heating under the concrete slab in the basement. But what you said makes sense about the pressure reducing valve being obsolete
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