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balancing steam radiators

foresthillsjd Member Posts: 114
edited October 2020 in Strictly Steam
Hi friends!
So, as a reminder, I replaced all the (one-pipe) radiators in my house, and now it's time to do the venting. I have read the sections in Dan's books with the tables and diameters and stopwatches, but I remember someone posting here that a quick and dirty way would be to put all #4s and then adjust either up or down. The problem is half of my vents are adjustable MOM #4s and the other half are Gorton #4s. I can't remember if I should put the Gortons on the closer radiators and make MOM vent faster if needed, or if I should put the Gortons on the farther radiators and then make the MOM vent slower.

I should add, I have main vents on the two mains in the house.

Thanks in advance.


  • ethicalpaul
    ethicalpaul Member Posts: 5,704
    There's nothing really slower than a #4 so you should put the Gorton's on the near radiators probably (the ones on the first floor and especially the ones near the thermostat).

    You want to keep those slow so that the farther away ones have a chance to get some steam.

    And to be precise, the MoM's aren't really adjustable, but they let you swap the orifice pieces so you can give them different values. True adjustable vents let you just adjust them without swapping parts (but they usually aren't great IMO)
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  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    What size are the main vents?
    First optimize the main venting, and then the radiator vents.
    Remember that the radiator vents will vent the riser from main to radiator, and it is that distance that make the difference.--NBC
  • motoguy128
    motoguy128 Member Posts: 393
    I would use the 4’s on the smallest radiators. Then get Vent-rites for all the others. A Gorton 4 is about the same as a VV on a 2-3. SO larger radiators get a 7 or 8 settings and average ones a 5-6. You can tweak as needed. Upstairs usually is over radiated anyway so them taking a little longer in more mild weather is usually OK I find.

    Then vent the main aggressively. Two big mouths or 4 Gorton 2’s on a 3/4” pipe. IF you can keep the system running under 3oz until all the radiators are heated it will self balance somewhat.