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seeking oil fired steam heating contractor Westchester Co, NY

I am seeking a proposal that will include pricing for an Oil -Fired Burnham Mega Steam 288 boiler with domestic hot water coil and meet the following specifications.
⦁ Boiler installation will be done in accordance with the specifications, schematics, and figures set forth in the Burnham Megasteam Installation, Operations, and Service Instructions manual. (I will try to attach the manual.)
⦁ Boiler piping will be done in accordance with the schematics and figures from the Burnham Megasteam Installation, Operations, and Service Instructions manual as set forth on page 22, figure 10 (alternate piping method) and page 25, figure 13.
⦁ Installation of all component parts will be done according to specifications of the manufacturer of each component
⦁ There will be a minimum of 24" between the top of the boiler and the top of the riser coming out of it.
⦁ All piping will be black steel piping and iron fittings- threaded type -unless otherwise noted in a written change order prior to the start of work.
⦁ All related wiring and connections necessary to have a fully functioning boiler will be included in the total cost of the proposal.
⦁ All oil and burner connections will be included in the total cost of the proposal.
⦁ After the installation of the boiler, the contractor will make all adjustments to the new boiler to insure an efficient running system.
⦁ The boiler is to be skimmed at the time of installation.
⦁ At a time to be determined by the parties, after the boiler has had a chance to properly and fully operate, the installer is to return to clean and skim the boiler, in accordance with pages 46 - 48. The price of this cleaning should be set forth as a separate price.
⦁ Supply and install an automatic mixing valve with a temperature gauge to temper the domestic hot water.
⦁ Provide an insurance certificate, including liability, workman's compensation, and disability, prior to the start of work naming homeowner the insured and additionally insured at address where the work will take place.
⦁ State in the contract when, after receipt of the signed contract and down payment, the contractor estimates he will start and complete the work.
⦁ Old boiler and all related debris from boiler installation will be removed from the job site.
⦁ Include length and terms of warranties for labor related issues not included in manufacturers' warranties.
⦁ Supply and install new oil filter prior to starting new oil burner.
⦁ The system will include a Hydrolevel VXT automatic water feeder and backflow preventer.
⦁ The work will be completed in accordance with all New Rochelle Building code requirements.
⦁ Payment for the work will be as follows: x upon signing of the contract, y upon completion of the installation of the boiler, and z upon the cleaning of the boiler at a later date.


  • georgede54
    georgede54 Member Posts: 55
    The manual should be attached.
  • georgede54
    georgede54 Member Posts: 55
    Could not upload manual file in this category. Sorry.
  • Erin Holohan Haskell
    Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,324

    Could not upload manual file in this category. Sorry.

    I've fixed this, @georgede54. You should be able to upload files here now. PM me if you run into any issues. Thanks.


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,861
    edited August 2020
    Why do you spec a tankless coil rather than an indirect?
    You don't need to post the manual. The steam pros here are very familiar with the MegaSteam. Outside of this, there are some real hacks out there and we see them all the time. In the field and posted here. You could have just asked that it be installed according to manufacturers specs and town code.
    How's the chimney? Interior, exterior, masonry, stainless liner, triple wall?
    Where is the fuel tank and what condition is it in? Is it filtered correctly, if it's an inside tank, filter at the tank. Buried or above ground, filter at the penetration. Is an Oil Safety Valve needed?
    Is your homeowners insurance paid up?

  • JohnNY
    JohnNY Member Posts: 3,231
    Can I make a suggestion, OP?
    Clearly you know what you want done.
    Instead of writing the contract for the yo-yos you're likely to encounter versus the legit and seasoned professionals who know how to write a contract and are fully aware of what goes into a proper boiler installation and start-up, maybe you should evaluate the contracts you receive as part of each contractor's process.

    Remember, just like you're not obligated to hire anyone, no one is obligated to work for you and if a homeowner were to hand me a document that looks like the stick they were preparing to beat me with, I would walk away, and I do walk away from potential clients on the regular.

    You're also looking to withhold final payment until the job is cleaned up to your satisfaction. Have you ever seen an old oil boiler leave a building? It's next to impossible not to leave some evidence behind of its removal. So how far are you looking to go with that?

    Seriously, this post reads like you're under the impression that heating contractors are incompetent or unscrupulous and you're going to put up some kind of flag that you're already on to them before they walk in the door.

    Just ask around who the best guys are in your area. Be nice. Have good conversations about what your expectations are and get proposals from each company. Just like everyone else.

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  • georgede54
    georgede54 Member Posts: 55
    I wouldn’t want anyone to view what I have written as being offered on a “take it or leave it” basis. I have interacted with numerous contractors. Many of them gave me a price without coming to my house. Some sized the boiler by looking at the tag on the current boiler. And some balked when I started insisting on following the manufacturer’s specifications. I never quite understand their justifications for not doing so, but it always leaves me somewhat cold.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,735
    I can see both sides of it. In commercial work in situations where you are forced to bid it or there is a gc that will subcontract it, that language is necessary to get something resembling a complete and correct job where without it someone will cut corners to be the lowest bidder an you as the owner only get half a job. It doesn't seem like you're asking for anything egregious. You are basically just formally saying you want everything installed according to their instructions, you want to know the terms of the warranty on the labor, and you want a few specific items.
  • heathead
    heathead Member Posts: 234
    JohnNY I like your though on this. It is a balancing act. Maybe look at installed work they have done first. Let the contractor write the proposal. Then when signing paper work attach that to contract. If present that first you might lose all the good people who are truly craftsman and are booked solid because of their quality work.
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 8,053
    @georgede54 If you handed me that info as a prerequisite for me to get the job, I would walk away and leave this for my competition.

    I wish you luck with your project.

    Edward Young Retired

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    Robert O'Brien
  • question
    question Member Posts: 30
    Where I'm from I would not pay in full until the Job is signed off by the building dept.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,888
    Most of what @georgede54 posted is included in our company's contracts. I don't think he's asking too much at all. It sounds like he's trying to weed out the knuckleheads and bottom-feeders.
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