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Run Bathroom Vent as Makeup Air When Gas Dryer Runs...?

EnergyAdjacentEnergyAdjacent Member Posts: 2
Greetings all and thank you, long time admirer of the site!

I'm a homeowner and finishing my basement. The gas dryer will be in the bathroom. My plumber rightly said the gas dryer needs makeup air while it runs now that it will be in a smaller space.

I will install a bathroom fan vented to the outside.

Stands to reason that a simple solution would be for the bathroom fan to run while the gas dryer runs. Is anyone aware of the best way or control to automate this?

It is a small bathroom, so I'll most likely get a moderate CFM fan. Do I need to consider the CFM in terms of the amount of makeup air for the gas dryer, though? If so what is the calculation to consider?

Many thanks for reading and considering my post and thank you!


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