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Utica UB95M-200 Flashing power light only

jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
Getting ready to sell the house and the boiler just has a flickering light in the power button only. I turned all 3 thermostats up to call for heat but nothing happens. I turned the power off at the breaker and when I turn it on I can hear clicks coming from the Honeywell valve controllers above the unit.
The first few times I tried this, the boiler came on and almost seemed normal, but never really got much higher than 100 degrees, and then the display would again go blank and return to just a flickering power light.
The home inspector was unable to get the thing to turn on and the first wet behind the ears service tech couldn’t figure it out either. Round two later today with a “senior tech”, and more money probably down the drain.
Any ideas? Thank you very much for reading this.


  • jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
    An update - after turning the gas line off for 5 minutes with the boiler powered down, I turned the power back on. The boiler came on and the display showed some numbers 1-5 and what I assume is a temperature next to it of 85. It got to 92 over the course of about a minute and then the display went blank and just the flickering orange power light remained again.
  • jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
    Anddd another update. It came back on again and appears to be heating somewhat normal now....
  • jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
    But then it just shuts off and goes blank sometimes. Then it comes back on, flashes an “A” code and the temp, then seems to go back to normal heating showing a number 3 in front of the temp.
  • jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
    And shut off again. Came on and said “U 1.25” then an A code and the. Went to cycling 5,1,2, and 3
  • jpyaplejpyaple Member Posts: 6
    Now it has fired up and has been running fine without issue for several hours.
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 1,571
    There are at least 5 revisions for that boiler. Do you know which one you have. How about the original installer is he still around.
  • IronmanIronman Member Posts: 5,680
    edited July 22
    Is there an outdoor sensor on the boiler. If so, it may be in Warm Weather Shut Down when it's above 70* outside.

    Another possibility is the Low Water Cut Off is effecting it. It has a probe in the top of the boiler that must be clean of any build up.

    You really need a COMPETENT tech that knows the boiler and how to use a DMM to diagnose it when it shuts off. Guessing is not doing any good.
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
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