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Carlin EZ Gas Pro Code - uA low check FRod

LI_CJLI_CJ Member Posts: 9

Have the above Carlin on my Peerless boiler. Wasn't firing this morning so I reset it and it fired up. It's only done this once before 6 months ago and I had a tech come to check things out. He was honest and didn't want to start replacing parts that didn't need replacing.

I did pull the above code - 'uA low check FRod'. Having trouble finding a site to translate codes online, if anyone can help, would be great, thanks.


  • Flame rectification relies on feedback from the flame probe. The flame probe generates a small amount of electricity when a flame surrounds it and the flame safeguard monitors the amount of electricity being generated. If too low, it will shut down the unit and display an error message.

    Microamp (uA) low check flame rod (FRod)
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  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,099
    The code is telling you that the micro amp reading (which is the signal the flame is sending to the primary control) is reading low.

    You need to get your technician back and he can call Carlin for assistance.

    Could be"
    Plugged or partially plugged oarfice
    gas pressure or air adjustment not set properly
    Flame rod needs cleaning
    flame rod not grounded properly
    flame rod not set in the flame properly

    and the list goes on

    The tech needs to use combustion test instruments and a meter that reads micro amps (UA)
  • LI_CJLI_CJ Member Posts: 9
    Excellent, thank you. Will make appt to have looked at.
  • EzzyTEzzyT Member Posts: 995
    Start with cleaning the flame rod and diffuser plate. Make sure that neither the flame or spark rods are touching the diffuser plate. If code still occurs then the primary control would need to be replaced.
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