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Individual radiator controls

Titus66Titus66 Member Posts: 5
Hi All
I have radiator dial controls on every radiator in the house, They are installed on each window sill and are very unsightly. I was wondering if there was anything new that has a much smaller profile or that I could put elsewhere. Any help will be greatly appreciated


  • Bill_17Bill_17 Member Posts: 65
    Hi, The thermostatic radiator valves you have are decades old, newer models are more attractive and in some cases the dials can be completely hidden, if desired. It is likely you have either a hot water or 2-pipe steam system and that the valve body, if in good working condition, can be adapted to a newer thermostatic operator without draining the system (if hot water) and no need to replace the valve itself regardless of system type. Feel free to contact our tech support group at 866.DANFOSS (follow the prompts) for available options.
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