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Navien repeated E012 code

Homeowner here, I have a Navien NPE-240S natural gas installed in 2013. I used to get E012 about once every 6 months and followed the manual's recommendation to clear the air intake filter and confirm the electricity was grounded. The filter was never obstructed (there would be a small insect or small leaf from outside, but it was never more than 10% obstructed at worst) but I cleaned it out anyway. The water heater was installed by a licensed plumber and the wiring installed by a licensed electrician as part of a renovation so I presume the electricity is appropriately grounded.

In the past week it started giving E012 once or twice a day. I checked the air intake filter (nothing, not obstructed) and looked down the air intake pipe from the outside (no bird nests or other obstructions). I reset the heater and we get the same code again within a day.

Navien help / support line won't talk to me, they said they need a licensed plumber on site to troubleshoot. (I understand, liability and all, but jeez that's annoying.) I've Googled around and found some similar stories and the fix was to replace the dual venturi (part number Navien 30017402A).

Any advice?

Second question... on the web I found the 30017402A for sale by Retailer A for $60, by Retailer B for $75, and by Retailer C for $120. Why the vast difference? Are they all the same and I should shop by price alone? Anything I should be taking into consideration when shopping for these online?



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    Some people might suggest that you tell them that you are a licensed plumber.
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    I wouldn't trust the info that you find on google to repair any hydronic or HVAC system.

    On more than one occasion, I've gone to a customer's house where they've googled a repair and have gotten a totally wrong answer. In fact, I've never known one to get a right answer.

    You'll be better off in the long run calling a qualified technician that can get on the phone with Navien's tech support if needed. It's top notch.
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