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Maintenance of Infrared Burners

mattmia2mattmia2 Member Posts: 1,443
edited May 26 in Gas Heating
I have a grill with an IR burner and some critter somewhere between a chipmunk and squirrel made its home in it. It was all full of pieces of grass. The IR burner had a cover over it which is provided for use when the conventional burner is in use so the inside didn't get very dirty. I removed the burner and sprayed mostly the outside in detergent and washed off the burner and I flushed the ceramic itself with plain water to remove any excrement the animal may have left on the burner (along with scrubbing out the inside of the grill). Do I need to let it dry for several days to make sure the ceramic hasn't absorbed water that will make steam and crack the burner matrix?


  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,099
    Not sure if ceramic will absorb water or not. Maybe but it in an oven on low-low to dry it or use a heat gum on low
  • mattmia2mattmia2 Member Posts: 1,443
    Apparently the box is sealed up such that it doesn't drain very well either, i just picked it up and heard sloshing and poured some more water out, maybe water that dripped out of the matrix of the ceramic. i think giving it a couple weeks is a good idea rather way. i could bake it with the convention burner as well.
  • Big Ed_4Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 1,359
    edited May 25
    Let it dry for a day if you need it...
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,099
    Off topic.

    One Friday I had a cell phone and was working inside a plugged up water tower full of leaves and water. Somehow my cell phone feel off my hip into a bucket of water and leaves. Handed the bucket out to my helper to dump it on the ground. When he dumped it out plopped my phone. The screen was blank so I shut it off. Back in my truck I turned it on and it started to smoke. I pulled the battery thinking it was toast and threw the phone on the dashboard. Monday morning I popped the battery back in and it worked fine . A weekend cooking on the dash dried it out
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