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I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself( not really) because my right-hand middle finger looks like a Polish Sausage, I was doing some woodwork for my wife and eldest son, got a sliver pulled it out, no big deal, now I have a bottle of antibiotics. So, I guess you could say, I am sheltering in the home from the pandemic crap.
I was thinking about what funny story I could relate and one that happened when I was an apprentice came to mind. This was long time ago and it took place in River Heights. Why is that in the least important, well Winnipeg is and was a very class sensitive place to live in, it all started with the Presbyterian Church over a hundred years ago and it is still alive and well. That summer was hot, even for the prairies, and we were up to our eyes in a/c calls. My old boss was a Jewish guy( and a drunk and a womanizer but we all loved him) and he had a lot of upper-class Jewish customers in River Heights. He dispatches me over to a friend of his and tells me to keep my temper in check, I think to myself now what? I arrive on the job site, a very nice house, and one of her spoiled kids told me where the a/c was, I was taking a look at it, and I had put my tool bag down on the grass. I reach over and my tool bag was gone! I am sure everyone can relate, that it is a terrible feeling, I went from calm to; I am going to kill someone. I search around the yard and I come on this snotty twelve-year-old with my tools all over the place fixing his freaking bike. I asked him what the hell he was doing and he smart-mouthed me, whereupon he got a smack in the head, now I knew why George had said to watch my temper. The little jerk immediately runs in the house to tell his mother. Now, this call goes from silly to funny, I hear this whiny woman's voice and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Suddenly, it hit me, the voice is coming from above and since I didn't think God needed his a/c fixed it must be from the house. She starts yelling at me for clipping her son one and then, proceeds to tell me, she was naked in the bathroom, because it was so hot and I was lucky she was bare or she would come out. She then proceeds to tell me it had been so hot, she had been in her birthday suit for three days waiting on George. I thought about it, and I certainly didn't want to see her attributes, so I told her she would have cooling in fifteen minutes, and please do not come out. Tightened the Shrader valve, dumped some 22 in and ran for the truck with her still yelling, Lord deliver me from River Heights. Stay well and Be Blessed, Jack
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  • Steamhead
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    Scary- wonder how the kid ended up? Probably not good.........
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  • metrorental
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    that's a funny story about the kid grabbing the tool bag, but it doesn't seem necessary to add that the boss and some of his customers were jewish.
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    I had to rewire my boss's in ground swimming pool about 10 years ago. The pool pump was located in a shed near the pool and the underground wire was shot, they had direct buried UF cable originally.

    Getting a new conduit to the house was an issue. The short route would have to cross an asphalt driveway and tear up the patio around the pool. So we had a discussion about what to do

    So we had to take the long way around through the backyard 130' of 3/4 pvc conduit. He rented a ditch witch machine and dug the trench himself. Tore up most of the backyard lawn sprinklers I told him it had to be 18" down. I wasn't their that day.

    So he tells me the trench is ready I pick up conduit and wire and head over....should be a days work.

    The trench was all over the place 6" deep here, 12" their, 18" etc

    So it's my boss what do I do? Get out the grub hoe and shovel and start in. Broken sprinklers, rocks, tree roots etc. The worse part was when they built the house they buried all the leftover scraps of wall-wall carpeting in the back yard. You can't dig it, can't grub hoe it every tool bounces off. Razor knife was the only way.

    So after that it took me all day to get the trench straightned out and I drilled holes in the house and. shed for the conduit. I left and I was exhausted.

    I went their the next day to get started and find they had left the kids play in the yard and they had so much fun filling in the trench!!!

    His wife thought it was so cute

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  • Hap_Hazzard
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    If anybody does a job like this, you might want to discuss the possibility of running 220 to the pool shed in case the owner decides to add a heat pump or a more powerful pool pump in the future. The extra material costs aren't that big and the labor is about the same.
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