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Polysulfone fittings - you like them?

norfitznorfitz Posts: 54Member
My current PEX fitting manufacturer is transitioning to polysulfone fittings, and of course my customers will have to buy expensive new tools in order to use them. Anybody know if there is a particular manufacturer whom these other manufacturers are simply name-branding? Any other observations about polysulfone fittings?


  • GroundUpGroundUp Posts: 805Member
    Why would they need new tools? The fittings are either crimp or expansion, same as any other pex fittings and there are several MFG making poly fittings. I wouldn't use them in a stressed application as I've seen elbows break in half under stress, but they're honestly (my opinion) a better option than brass in most cases. With that said, I use primarily brass but that's ONLY for aesthetics
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