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Wayne Conversion Burner - Direct fire ignition module problems?

David Toppin_2David Toppin_2 Member Posts: 48
Thanks in advance for your help! I have a Weil McLain oil Boiler with a Wayne HSG200 gas conversion burner in it. It has been giving me nuisance lockouts for a few months now, but it always started when I reset it with the main switch. I talked to Wayne, they said most common thing was a dirty flame rod, I replaced it with a new one. It ran for 2 to 3 days without problem, then it started to lockout again. It has gotten to the point where it doesn't start anymore. I can hear spark after it blows for a bit. I think it is the ignition control not sending 24V to the gas valve. The air pressure switch checks out good and I can hear it clicking on when the blower fires up, and I jumped it to be sure. I measure across the gas valve and and only see at most 12V. I measured at the control MV1 to MV2 while it was firing and only see 10V there. I see 27V at the 24V terminal on the controller (Fenwal 05-31). All I could find today (Saturday) was the Honeywell universal and I am looking for the one it calls for in the manual, Honeywell S89F, or the updated Fenwal 35-65. I am wondering if it sounds like my diagnosis is correct and would like to know if you would use one of the two valves I am listing or something else. Wayne also has their own control now it looks like. Pictures at the following link:


  • rick in Alaskarick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,086
    Make sure you have good connections on all the 24 volt outputs, and the grounding is good. I am not familiar with the other controls, but if the connections are good, it sounds like a bad control.
  • David Toppin_2David Toppin_2 Member Posts: 48
    Thank you very much. I have checked the grounds with a mm and they all seem good, and I have wiggled the connections much. Plus sometimes it puts out 24V and sometimes 10 to 12 to the gas valve. I don't understand the sporadic voltage change, but I guess it would have to be the control
  • David Toppin_2David Toppin_2 Member Posts: 48
    I should add that I have gotten it to run, but only sporadically. When it does run, 24V is there at the gas valve, but eventually it locks out. Presently it is not restarting. I have ordered a new ignition control, but it won't be here until Wednesday..
  • David Toppin_2David Toppin_2 Member Posts: 48
    Just wanted to update in case anyone else has this problem. I tried to get the Wayne control but it was at least a week out, and with no heat that wasn't an option. I purchased the Honeywell S89F1098 on Amazon, wired it up, and the boiler now works fine.
    rick in Alaska
  • David Toppin_2David Toppin_2 Member Posts: 48
    I also wanted to say this was a gradual thing. Started with nusiance lockouts and then eventually the boiler just wouldn't fire.
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