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Understanding what my York Furnace model number actually means?

Hi, I am new here and have some problems with my York Furnace. Before I get into the issues that I am having, I'd like to understand what the model number actually means at a level like a VIN number can be broken down so that I can then intelligently speak about the issue at hand.

The model number is: TG8S060A12MP11B

I understand that this is often referred to as the "TG8S" series. However, I'd like to understand what all of the other numbers mean.

Could you please advise if you know the answer?



  • ch4man
    ch4man Member Posts: 294
    60= 60,000 btuh
    12= 3 ton blower package ie: 1,200 CFM capable.
    the rest is a mystery to me
  • ch4man
    ch4man Member Posts: 294
    oh, maybe the MP means mutipoise. I'm not that up on your models, is it by chance a hi eff furnace?
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 8,434
    possibly multi position. if you find the manual or the spec sheet it will tell you.

    what is your question? the exact model usually isn't too important to answering it
  • mikeg2015
    mikeg2015 Member Posts: 1,194
    edited February 2020
    The “8” are all 80% models. The “S” is probably indicating it’s a PSC standard blower motor. Most companies use a “V” for variable speed ECM and a “T” for X-13 Ecm motor.

    “A”’ May reflect cabinet width. The B11 is probably just a revision number of some sort.
  • ukiltmybrutha
    ukiltmybrutha Member Posts: 30
    Thanks very much! I'll post my question soon in a new thread. I have been through hell and back with this thing! I just wanted to know what I was talking about as a novice before asking questions. I can't believe how many responses I have received here! Thanks!