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Advanced Mod Con Controls

Just curious - are many folks using advanced controls like indoor feedback for their mod con boilers?

I will be replacing my boiler soon, and have been wondering if it would be at all worthwhile to look into advanced control systems like those available from Tekmar (for example the tN2 400 or 401). It seems like indoor feedback, combined with zone synchronization, etc, could make for a really good system. I understand one can get most of the way there with a tight ODR curve alone, but at that point you're mostly unable to change the indoor temperature (that's kind of the point). I realize that a "set it and forget it" strategy may well be the most efficient way to go, but I would like the ability to set the temp up or down some without overly long recovery times (I have finned baseboard, so in theory it should be possible to recover reasonably quickly).

Thanks for your thoughts! :smiley:


  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,710
    I kike to use the indoor sensor , you can manually fine tune the output of the boiler .. I have used the indoor sensor with the outdoor sensor and works well..
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  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,550
    The indoor feedback is nice for jobs with either high solar gain or mediocre design. It will see a rapid increase from either the sun or an over radiated room and back off the average water temp through either reduced supply temp or PWM. Tekmar is a nice product once you get past the learning curve.
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  • PerryHolzman
    PerryHolzman Member Posts: 234
    I have a 2007 Vitodens 200 that as I understand it has both an outdoor reset sensor and has an indoor feedback as well (in place of a normal thermostat). I have mid 1950's Crane Cast Iron Baseboard with a Monoflow T system.

    There is a wet connection between the Vitodens 200 and the circulation system via a low loss header, with the circulation system having its own pump.

    It works very well.