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Separate heat exchanger

JPL941JPL941 Member Posts: 47
Hello friends, recently I posted about my tankless system and onix tubing causing severe rusting of my black pipe and causing issues with my system. If I wanted to keep my onix and use a heat exchanger to isolate that tubing from the regular side, how do you go about it? I assume the onix side would need inhibitor, stainless pump and possibly an expansion tank? How does it get wired to a taco controller if the secondary pump on the first side has to run in addition to the onix side? Thanks


  • EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 7,194
    Just wire the pumps to run at the same time.

    I would say inhibitor, an expansion tank, air scoop and vent, a prv for water feed and a relief valve would be needed. I would also suggest a filter or mag separator depending on the condition of the system. I would think you could use a bronze pump

    Others that know more about water quality than me will chime in.
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