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Part needed for electrical panel

zepfan Member Posts: 398
Does anyone know that proper name for the jumper bar that connects the line side of the circuit breaker to the bus in the panel that is shown in this picture? I have ordered a new breaker for this panel that we are using to power a new boiler. All the other breakers in the panel that have been replaced use this GE model that has a copper jumper that connects it to the bus. The company that we ordered the breaker from does not know if that comes with it or not, and I did not want to wait until the breaker gets here to find out. I had them send me a picture of the breaker we ordered, and it is the right one. Thanks to all


  • Leon82
    Leon82 Member Posts: 684
    edited January 2020
    That's a thqc it looks like if I read it right.

    They should have a ul listed competitor like an eaton that will work in the pannel if a ge isn't available.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,629
    No that will not come with the breaker. That's a commercial panel you will need to get one from GE if it's a GE panel.

    It would be called a circuit breaker mounting kit or mounting hardware. You going to have to make that panel dead if you are adding or replacing that hardware.

    You will have to call a GE distributator and give them the panel Numbers, size of the breaker and number of poles of the breaker
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,654
    I can't recall if THQC is a snap in or a bolt in breaker. If it's a snap in, the stab that the breaker plugs on to is part of the panel. If you're missing one, it was removed or the panel was built for fewer breakers. If it's a bolt in, the breaker should have a tab that will touch the bus bar (but the screw may not be included).
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,646
    GE THQC is a lug in and lug out breaker. The copper "fingers" are part of the bus bar on the panel.

    Do you have space for more breakers? Any extra "fingers"?
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  • Lard
    Lard Member Posts: 115
    I just went through a similar GE breaker fiasco this past weekend. The breakers you are dealing with are “QC” style/lug-in, lug-out as mentioned by others. the QC uses a separate component to connect to the bus that is not integral to the breaker—mostly because the QC is flexible/can be installed in other locations besides a breaker box (such as on DIN rail in a control panel, bolted to a control panel backplane with a mounting plate kit, etc.)

    Mine were “QB” style that that bolts onto the bus with integral tabs. I initially thought there would be a separate part but it all came with the breaker.

    The panel label will denote the breaker types listed for the panel and often the other hardware needed. I found no mention of these termination “fingers” listed in the Q-line breaker section of GE’s catalog and documentation that I still conveniently had loaded up.

    A local distributor would be the best bet.