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Results of improper nbp

clammy Member Posts: 2,740
Like all here I look at my fair share of mis piped boiler and home owners who can not seem understand no matter what you show or explain they just won t do ,so you wait . Wait for what you say ,well till they can no longer wrap or tape the leaks ,then they call cause there’s water blowing out of the piping and the boiler banging .they always seem surprised but no surprise to me . I cut them out chip them out of tee s and elbows add unions or steam union show them the mud and rust build up clogging there steam mains n wet n dry returns .suggest for the one millionth time to repipe the boiler correctly and insulated there mains even though it’s way late n you most likely will be slowly replacing ever nipple and piece of pipe in there system .You would think being you-have been repairing and keeping them functioning they would listen .i guess some like the break and react methods of repairs which always seems to come w the grabbing of the chest drama when you hand them a bill and tell them you will be back to finish . Has anyone figured out a way aside from standing on your head to get them to see the light or do you do the repairs and just keep giving them a bill every time which is great for business .i know I think I ve heard ever line on why not to do the repair the big one is where moving or where going to redo the whole system to hot air none of which ever happens ,
then 1 year later your back replacing more and they ask why and back to your favorite speech about near boiler piping and insulation . The best part is getting paided n knowing that you will be back making more money lol .the last one I did had 1/3 of the 2 inch main wS filled w rust and mud all 18 ft that I replaced was 1/3 filled w rust . My pic posting abilities are terrible so I couldn’t post pics .peace and good luck clammy

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