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Junk in sight glass

Msil1955Msil1955 Posts: 12Member
Our steam boiler installer will be here shortly to skim and flush again. I've noticed that since the last skim session the pressure gauge never moves, and the low water cutoff LED goes on and off even though there's an inch and a half of water visible in the sight glass. Is it possible these controls need to be cleaned out. Also, the high pitched whine has become intermittent and changes in pitch.


  • PumpguyPumpguy Posts: 413Member
    It is possible that the top and bottom shutoff valves to the sight glass are closed. If closed, the level will not reflect the true boiler water level. Try opening and closing these valves and see what happens.

    It is also possible that the water passage in the bottom fitting has become clogged. If it has, it will be necessary to turn off and drain the boiler to below the level of this fitting before the fitting can be removed and cleaned.
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  • GordoGordo Posts: 723Member
    I would also recommend a "proper" valve on the bottom of the sightglass.
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  • FredFred Posts: 8,276Member
    @Msil1955 , Do you have a Cyclegard Low Water Cut-off? If so, it will shut the boiler down every 10 or 15 minutes to check the water level. That's normal for that abnormal Low water Cut-off.
  • Msil1955Msil1955 Posts: 12Member
    It's a Safgard. I've seen it run for longer than 20 minutes and the only time it shuts down is when the water level is 1 inch below the sight glass.
  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Posts: 1,451Member
    Gordo said:

    I would also recommend a "proper" valve on the bottom of the sightglass.

    I installed the street 1/8th inch elbow and a 1/8 ball valve on your recommendation, @Gordo and I'm loving it!! No more scalded fingers!
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