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Limit Circuit Closed - Is this serious?

calacala Posts: 2Member
We're talking a Weil-Mclain HE II. My 1013-100 control was acting up so I updated to a 1013-200. I think I have done it correctly, but the limit circuit light is blinking and I'm not even sure what that means. My boiler has been off for two days. We are surviving by using our mini-splits.

Here is a fascinating thing. For reasons I won't bore you with, I have two 1013-200 controls. One is a used Gold GV, the other is generic(?). When I use the Gold GV one, the boiler starts to light but stops. But when I used the "generic" one, it seems to work fine - except for the limit circuit closed situation. As I type this, the boiler is working.

What is going on? Is my boiler safe? How can I remedy this limit circuit closed light? Thanks in advance for any help.

- A lost dad


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,804Member
    You should call someone who knows what they are doing. You’re obviously outside you’re skill set.
  • calacala Posts: 2Member

    You should call someone who knows what they are doing. You’re obviously outside you’re skill set.

    You're right. I have someone coming, but they can't make it for 3-4 days. My boiler is working, but I was worried I may be doing something dangerous. Should I shut it off or is it ok for a couple days? Thanks.
  • Jolly BodgerJolly Bodger Posts: 206Member
    A limit circuit is a SAFETY SYSTEM. If it is not working or set up correctly and you don't know how to trouble shoot it, you should shut it down and wait for an expert.
  • mikeg2015mikeg2015 Posts: 1,118Member
    A limit circuit should be “closed”. If it was “open” it would not allow the heating or
    On some systems it kills all control powers.

    You should open the rollout circuit to test that it works and test the LWCO.
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