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Alternative to PVC Insulation Covers

Finally going to insulate all the bare steam pipes in my basement with fiberglass insulation.

Straight runs are easy, the elbows and fittings... not so much.

Is there any reason not to wrap the elbows with rolls of fiberglass (Frost King Pipe Wrap) and then cover that with strips of rewettable canvas lag cloth (typically used for encapsulating asbestos)?

I've got 50 or so fittings, many grouped tight together with short nipples, so the PVC covers may be a pain to work with for full coverage.

Wrapping the joints would be easy and it seems like the lag cloth would work better than tape or twine.

And I can overlap the wrap/lag cloth onto the straight section for a nice sealed fit.

I couldn't find any information on this idea... what am I missing?


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