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Caleffi 280 thermomix

TimZTimZ Member Posts: 15
Hi. I purchased a caleffi 280 thermomix last winter that came with a 130 degree sensor cartridge. The temp on the boiler runs up to 130 and then fluctuates between 127-130 for a long time as the system water trickles in. It was suggested to me that a 140 degree cartridge may be safer for boiler protection so I purchased one from Now it runs up to 153 and fluctuates between 149-153. I was expecting for it to hover around 140. Did I get a defective one or am I missing something? Thanks.


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 4,112
    I think your ok. Sure 140° would be better.
    You don't say what type of boiler. But if in the spring, you open up the chamber, or check the flue pipe for a conventional boiler and see signs of condensation, change the cartridge.
  • TimZTimZ Member Posts: 15
    It’s a Weil McClain cga-3.
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