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Honeywell Smart Valve Problem

SeannSeann Member Posts: 1
As it always happens, I fired up the propane forced air furnace a few weeks ago to test everything before winter and no issues. Now that its subfreezing outside, the darn thing decides its not going to work.

I cycle the furnace on
First blower comes on
Audible "click" of the pilot valve
HSI glows
Pilot ignites
HSI goes out
No burner ignition

At this point, I originally assumed a flame sense issue. I cleaned the rod and the chassis around it. In series testing shows 1.9uA current. I tested resistance between the SmartValve body and the chassis, roughly 2ohms. So now I'm thinking the flame sense is good, especially since the HSI goes out on pilot ignition, and if I blow out the pilot the HSI comes right back on.

I never hear an audible click for the main valve opening, though I don't remember if I used to.

I'm thinking either my gas pressure is too low? OR the SmartValve is bad?

Is there any further testing I should do? Could it still be a sensor or power issue?

Thanks in advance guys, the wife is cold!!!


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