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System 2000

Good evening,
I’m no whizz bang by any stretch of the word but I know my way around a oil burner pretty well. I recently bought a house and it has a system 2K in it. Well, all through my apprenticeship my master cursed these and would turn down work if they had these installed. I know NOTHING about them. Well fast forward to yesterday morning and the wife calls me in a high speed panic and tells me we have no hot water. Uh ohhh I have work to do. I get home and can hear a buzzing coming from the basement when I got the the boiler it appeared to be coming from one of the relays that are installed on to of the board, (the original energy manager) so I throw a new 24V 40V and it’s still buzzing. I’m lost.


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,840Member
    If someone from EK doesn't pop on shortly to help you and walk you through troubleshooting, you should call them. Support is excellent.
    EK's are pretty nice. If you're a tech and now you own one, it's probably best that you get a full manual from them and see if there is a nearby class.
    EK will usually want the board back. The board is the only thing proprietary on their unit, and there is an easy troubleshooting pdf online to help you.
  • brnrman1brnrman1 Posts: 20Member
    Barrelmaker12, This is Mitch from EK the buzzing noise can came from two likely sources 1. the relays behind the manager there are three relays most jobs only use two relays so you have a spare you can move over to replace the defective one. 2. the System manager itself has a built in relay to operate the burner through the B1 B2 connections. Unplug the RH quick connect from the manager and turn on the power if the buzzing is still there then the manager will need to be replaced. We can operate the boiler without the manager using the bypass board or use jumper wires. Give us a call we can walk you through this very easily and get the boiler back online very quickly.

    Energy Kinetics
    [email protected]
    Roger Mitchell
    Senior Technical Representative
    Energy Kinetics
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