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Heatway entran II

I’ve been asked to service a heating system that has entran II tubing with glycol. Two of the manifolds are leaking either on the manifold itself and/or the tubing connections. One manifold has about 12” of exposed tubing, and the other about 24”. A few questions. Are replacement manifolds available? I’ve read that you can assess the flexibility of the tubing with a durometer. Has anyone used one? My recollection was that a glue was also used when connecting the tubing to the manifold, it that correct. I never installed this type of tubing when it was available but have read enough to know it has a lot of issues. It’s installed in a slab. If I can get new manifolds, clamps, glue(?), a favorable durometer , and reading (whatever that’s supposed to be), should I take this job as a challenge with a favorable outcome? Or should I walk away because this job is only going to go from bad, to really bad? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,573
    The ugly failures I have seen have been plate less radiant staple running at high temps. I have seen many in-slab, low temp installations where the tubing looks great. The manifolds I have seen have used barbed fittings and spring clamps, no glue.
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  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,443
    edited October 2019
    Cover your Butt if you touch it. Make sure they know the issues. Get it in writing that you will attempt to repair but issues could happen... Why the glycol? Where are the leaks?
    Before pulling the manifolds out is it possible to clean up the water and the manifolds?
  • SteveMac
    SteveMac Member Posts: 9
    The anti-freeze is already in the system. The leaks are on the manifolds or where the tubing connects to a the manifolds. I could attempt to flush the system out, but part of the heating system includes hot water convectors that need to have anti-freeze.