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Water Feeder question

Good morning, can you tell me what it means when my water feeder displays a number 300s and it is blinking?

This is the model I have:
Jamie Hall


  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,438
    It has fed a lot of water -- or tried to. For starters, make sure that the valves use to isolate the feeder (you should have them) are open. Then consult the manual for the feeder -- it should have been left somewhere near the boiler -- and reset it. Then keep a very close watch on the feeder and on the sight gauge on your boiler. If the valves were open, or now when they are, and the water level in the gauge drops either when the boiler is sitting or when it is steaming, you have a leak which you need to find and fix promptly. If, on the other hand, the feeder feeds even when the water level is correct and the water level rises, either the LWCO is stuck (float types can and do stick if they aren't blown down regularly) or the feeder itself is not working properly. Either thing needs to be corrected.
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  • Gordo
    Gordo Member Posts: 857
    edited October 2019
    Hope this video of the VXT is of use. The section the op may be most interested in begins @ 18:08.
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  • seaamygo
    seaamygo Member Posts: 19
    Thank you so much! Yes, it was helpful! 👍👍
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    @Gordo , why do you call oil-fired boilers 'old fashion'? :)

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