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Multi-temp zones without Primary / Secondary?

grrrdotgrrrdot Member Posts: 10
Thanks for any advise on this.
I'm playing around with system ideas to fit in a really tight space. If I can forego a primary/secondary setup it cuts down on the space needed. ( and cost )
I made a sketch of what I'm thinking below. Its supposed to be an HTP UTF boiler w/ outdoor reset running three zones, two zones are panel radiators w/ TRV and one is radiant floor in a concrete slab. On the coldest day the concrete slab needs 125 and around 15 delta T. The panel radiators are 170 and 10 delta T.
From what I read the boiler will shut down if inlet and outlet are more than 55F.

So, would the attached system sketch even work?

My main concern is that in some rare coldest day scenario I could have just the floor calling and it would trigger the 55 deg safety or damage the boiler. But maybe there are other things I missed?


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