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RoyJr Member Posts: 1
I have a single forced hot air heat system serving 6 apartments. Some apartments are cold. Two apartments have big windows so they are warm in the day and cold at night. Can I put multiple thermostats connected to a single furnace so the coldest thermostat will call for heat. The other apartments will be warmer or can close a vent. The problem is compounded by the tenant where the thermostat is located has a high powered (hot) gaming computer 6-feet from the thermostat. FYI The building is not owner occupied so there is no WiFi. Other thermostat systems that work with multiple remote sensors? The existing thermostat has Green, Red and White wires.


  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 3,941
    You can parallel t-stats and any call will cause a call. I think this will just cause a different war, you will have vastly different heat loads over 6 apartments.
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 2,918
    Averaging remote sensors with the thermostat located in the furnace room might even things out a little, but the system really needs to be (re)designed for good operation.

    Vents shouldn't be closed, as that will reduce the airflow through the furnace & cause all kinds of headaches, including early failure of the unit, and possibly even damage that could allow life-threatening flue gasses into the living spaces.

    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,187
    Could you describe the layout a little? Studio apartments? Is the ductwork accessible? There are many ways to zone a furnace. There's only one way to do it right though. If the trunk and branch ducts are not sized to handle the increase in pressure due to say only one apartment needs heat, even with a barometric relief, the furnace will be short cycling on limit or a SAT sensor constantly.
    A remote sensor in a heated, centrally located space in the building and thermostat locked in the equipment room.
    Man I miss Accustats. Stupid technology.