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Uponor / Radiantec

After getting a couple quotes in the area for radiant heat installation, all of which I found astronomical- I’ve decided that at a minimum I’m going to be doing the pex installation myself.

I was about to hit submit on a design request from Uponor when I found Radiantec website. I’ve found their website to be very informative. They also do designs. Has anyone used this service, and does anyone have any advice regarding using one vs the other?

My project involves pex tubing in concrete on two levels of a garage /workshop addition. It also involves in slab heating in the lower level of house.

I was initially planning on concrete on the main floor after beefing up floor joists or using a quad deck system. However, I’ve recently reconsidered staple up within the joints with plates, or radiant ceiling upstairs within the vaulted ceilings. I need some advice on one vs the other there, as well.

Thanks in advance


  • As a starting point, search "Radiantec" on this website.
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    psb75rick in AlaskaGroundUpZman
  • Sukhoi29SUSukhoi29SU Member Posts: 61
    Alan, Good advice - yikes.

    I think I’ll revisit the Uponor design request page.
  • John RuhnkeJohn Ruhnke Member Posts: 880
    Uponor is a great system! You will be happy with them.
    I can't say the same for radiantec.
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  • psb75psb75 Member Posts: 220
    Nice save, Alan.
  • newinnjnewinnj Member Posts: 35
    hi getting a radiant designer will be great. There is a find a contractor button on this site and you will have to sift through them to find a designer and not an installer. I asked the forum for locating a designer and they were very helpful. One of them gave me a link I have worked with a designer in the New York area. It was a good experience and took a lot of anxiety out of the process. I believe you are in the midwest. I don't know how far from WI you are?
  • Sukhoi29SUSukhoi29SU Member Posts: 61
    edited September 2019
    @newinnj I’m right on the border north of Rockford. South Beloit, IL.

    I see the company in that link you provided are out of Watertown and Milwaukee. Thanks ! I’ll give them a call.
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