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Oil burner tune up?

gryegrye Posts: 82Member
Hi everybody. Quick question if you had a minute.

I have an oil burner for a one pipe steam system. I haven’t had any maintenance done on it in a few years.

When looking for somebody to come for annual maintenance/cleaning ... what should I look for? As in, what should I make sure is done and be included in the price?

Thanks... be safe


  • Ron Jr._3Ron Jr._3 Posts: 592Member
    Hi ! The basic oil burner tuneup consists of replacing the nozzle , oil filter and pump strainer.

    More thorough technicians will clear the oil line , check the pump pressure , disconnect the flue pipe to check the base of the chimney , and vacuum out the boiler if needed.

    The best tech will flush your low water cutoff to see its working properly , or drain the boiler enough to see the probe LWCO works . As well as check the pressuretrol .

    Any work done to the burner does require an efficiency test. I wouldn't hire a tech that wont do one.
  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 3,800Member
    The above list is good. Depending on the model of the boiler, either swing open the door or pull off the front and clean the chamber too. Complete combustion test with results left on the unit are important, as well as proper nozzle & pump pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. You really shouldn't underfire a steamer.

    As far as your original question:

    ...what should I make sure is done and be included in the price?...

    With anything you have to pay for, I think you may want to give them @Ron Jr._3 list and what I mentioned and ask them what is their price.

    It may be higher if it's not your oil supplier doing the work. Or your supplier may go lower if you get a service contract or sign up for automatic delivery, etc.

    I'd find out exactly before they show up to avoid any conflicts.
  • SlamDunkSlamDunk Posts: 718Member
    Smoke test?
  • John RuhnkeJohn Ruhnke Posts: 880Member
    edited September 2019
    The tech should have a good quality electric Combustion Analyzer with CO and o2 sensors and be properly trained to use it. I took a great class taught by Jim Davis at the National Comfort Institute. He was the best trainer on Combustion Analysis I ever had! He taught me how to tune a boiler safely and to save a lot of money in fuel too.
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