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New Steam Boiler - Best Brand?

I have been coming to this site of about 3yr now and though i wasn't looking for this information i have gathered over time that most people recommend/like the Megasteam boilers. And the near boiler piping kit they sell.

I'm getting quotes now on replacing my boiler so this information is now important to me. The contractor, (who so far is the only one that talked about measure the radiators!) recommends the Peerless Boiler. I tried searching for Peerless to see if i could find good or bad things said about it, but it seems like most discussions with Peerless are for bigger boiler situations?

Anyway, I'm looking for some opinions on which boilers are good or bad and why. Peerless vs. Megasteam or any other brand you might recommend. Thank you.


    Gas or oil?
  • Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Posts: 60Member
  • BobCBobC Posts: 5,056Member
    Peerless is considered one of the better brands, the megasteam is considered one of the best oil fired steam boilers. If the Peerless installer is comfortable with them and will use both output tappings and perhaps do a dropped header (all dependent on edr of system) I would be comfortable with that.

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  • ethicalpaulethicalpaul Posts: 1,352Member
    Here is my recent thread on this topic, except I was looking for gas:

    There will probably be some good info there for you despite being a gas thread.

    I ended up buying the smallest Peerless but it was a very close race vs WM.

    After that thread and everything I have read, if I were stuck with oil, I'd have gone with a megasteam, especially because I'm a sucker for efficiency (less heat going up the stack).
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  • HVACNUTHVACNUT Posts: 2,768Member
    Do you know what model Peerless? There's the WBV and the ECT. IMO, the ECT is a better steamer than the WBV. Also the 3 and 4 section WBV's only have a tap for one 2" riser.
  • Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Posts: 60Member
    I don't, he'll be here in a couple hours to look at it. I'll be asking more questions. Wanted to have a little knowledge about peerless before he came. Good to know about the WBV vs. ECT, thank you.
  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 13,510Member
    MegaSteam, hands down. Its 3-pass design not only is more efficient and easier to clean, but should last much longer than a vertical-flue steamer like the Peerless models.
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  • Steve_in_NHSteve_in_NH Posts: 60Member
    New day, new contractor. Ok, so interestingly this contractor has recommended that we start by cleaning the old boiler first. After much discussion about replacing the boiler, he just kept saying how good condition the boiler was in and the piping was in. No corrosion was his point (except one small area on wet return), he realized it was piped wrong. The boiler is 1966, and i don't think it's ever been cleaned. I know the drain valve is completely clogged from an issue we had previously with the boiler. When i had the company that the previous owner had servicing the boiler, when i had them come out all they did was service the burner. When i asked about the boiler..."oh we don't do that". The previous owner was here for 50 something years, probably using the same service tech company.

    In general what he had to say made a lot of sense. But I had already mentally determined that it needs to be replaced, but now he has me thinking twice.

    Basically his proposal was cut off the piping where the drain is and reconfigure with new drain. Flushing the system out before rebuilding it. And take the cover off and clean around the sections. Clean the water gauge glass.

    Next step up would be to rebuild the riser/header, but it would be expensive (whatever that means) he says. It would have to all be rebuilt if i got a new boiler anyways though. Says it should have a hartford loop but recommends not doing it, i think he was saying this because at that point it would be so much work, you just replace the boiler and do all new.

    What do you think? Does he sound good, or is he a knucklehead???
  • gfrbrooklinegfrbrookline Posts: 579Member
    IMHO if the existing boiler is working, your heat is even and you are not having issues then I would give it a good cleaning and leave everything else alone. The old boilers are better quality than the new ones and there is very little difference in efficiency. I would save your money, redo the piping when you need to replace the boiler.
  • wmarshwmarsh Posts: 4Member
    After researching for 4 years, I just successfully replaced my old Burnham boiler with a Dunkirk. Had to repipe the header and the Hartford loop. Very happy with the result.

    I'm in NH also in Wolfeboro -- if you are near there I'm happy to show you my system and share who did it.
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