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Integral Twin Stage regualtor vs Two stage

Solid_Fuel_ManSolid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 1,954
In everyone's experience, why not use Integral twin stage regulators for LP? Most seem to have 500k-750k btu/hr ratings. Other than a tank far from a building.

Have you seen more pressure fluctuations or freeze ups with twin stage? This is for your average 250k btu/hr or less house.
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  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Member Posts: 6,788
    I have only seen these in the catalogs.
    I assumed they would go right on the tank.
    If so, my reasoning for never using them would be the size of gas line from tank to building. (50'-75' or so).

    I might have used one to replace the single regulator at the tank on some 1950's set up. They used to put a large single reg and run maybe 1/2" -3/4" OD a long distance to the load. That was asking a lot of range out of a single reg..... winter to summer tank pressures.
    The fact that pilots would go out and you might not cook on the stove when the water heater was firing was just an accepted way of life on the much better than burning wood.
    The regulator was just another thing to thaw out with hot water in the an outside hand pump.

    Today's appliances would not fare so well with the fluctuations in gas pressure.
  • GroundUpGroundUp Member Posts: 960
    Here, the LP company always provides the 1st stage reg on the tank and for $40 they will install a 2nd stage on the house and leave it there forever. Even with an owned tank, I don't see the advantage of a combo reg when you can get 2# to the building and drop each appliance to inches with its own reg and not have the nasty fluctuations
  • lchmblchmb Member Posts: 2,984
    use them all the time.. set 1 or more 120 gallon tanks on the house and pipe into the building. For larger loads and or fussy systems i will use 1st/2nd stage setups. I dont generally see an increase in freezeups compared to seperate regulators..
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