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tigerloop ultras

dmannixdmannix Posts: 1Member
Can they be installed outside in the weather year round?


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Posts: 2,993Member
    edited June 5
    You shouldn't. You don't want the oil to freeze in the bowl, otherwise it will create a huge mess. Keep in mind, any moisture in the fuel will freeze @ 32° and bio gels higher than regular heating oil.
    Why do you want to install one outside?
    More important question, why do you want/need one at all?

    I did see an install manual for a European boiler where they the oil deaerator was pictured outside, but that just seems wrong.

    Rated minimum temperature is 20°. I'd bet it's even higher if you are using a higher bio blend.

    Another thing to remember is by code, when an oil line enters the home, it is required to have a firomatic valve installed.
    The Tigerloop specifically states not to install any valves between the Tigerloop and the fuel pump.
    So one way or another, outside is wrong.
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