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Garage heater issue

lilguylilguy Member Posts: 1
A 46000 BTU Advanced Distributor Products
Gas heater mdl # SEP- 60A-1 becomes intermittent the colder it gets. It’ll heat to the setting on the Lux 500 thermostat at 30 +- but will not fire up regularly the colder it gets.
It’ll work for a while then not fire up on the next cycle. The only thing working on it will be the exhaust blower. It will just run on for hours. If I turn off the unit at the Lux 500 thermostat and turn it back on the exhaust fan will start up, you hear ignition spark and it will heat for a while then act up again. Help appreciated.


  • ratioratio Member Posts: 2,450
    Does the ignition board have an LED on it? There might be an error code displayed. In any case, start with cleaning the flame rod. Pull it out & buff it with a dollar bill. I use a $20 so I won't have to do it as often.
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