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Hints for getting off trap cover

I purchased some Barnes and Jones cages to replace some Warren Webster steam traps. The traps are for in wall convectors and access is limited. I got a decent grip on this one with channel locks but it did not budge, I was a little afraid of breaking something. Are there any hints for working with these. Could I use a torch to heat it up?


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,792
    A 6 point impact socket that is the correct size and an impact driver. Buy one , rent one, borrow one etc.
    I would hold the trap body with a back up wrench though.

    Done this a couple hundred times and felt I could justify my 18V battery impact drill purchase to my wife as I repeat the mantra "Honey this tool will make us money".
  • tcnjdeluca
    tcnjdeluca Member Posts: 29
    Yeah unfortunately there is no way an impact driver is fitting in there. It really looks like it would be easier to take the whole trap housing off from the unions, but I am not confident enough in my pipe fitting skills to do that.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,810
    Tunstall has trap cover wrenches. Put the wrench on a pipe wrench for back up and hit trap wrench with a hammer.

    But if you only have a few and an impact won't work (they make small 90 degree impacts) bet bett is a socket with a breaker bar and you can put a pipe on the breaker bar to get more leverage.

    Or a box wrench. Harbor Freight and others have cheap wrenches you can cut 1 end off to put a pipe over it

    Chanelocks NG. A big adjustable ....maybe not the best.

    Or just take the trap out and replace it or put in a vise and replace innards.

    After you do a few it becomes less intimidating
  • tcnjdeluca
    tcnjdeluca Member Posts: 29
    Yeah a little intimidating, I completely forgot I had box wrenches this size! I had the wrachet out but it just barley wouldn’t fit. (It doesn’t show in the pictures but the the convector is just inches above the housing. I also had the idea that if I could rotate the houseing so it was facing out I would have better access, but I will try the box wrench first.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,810
    Don't be afraid to reef on it. Best way is with a helper. 1 guy puts a decent pipe wrench on and puts some tension on it as a backup wrench.

    Second guy puts a wrench on the trap cover puts a little tension on it and rap it (the wrench) with a big hammer
  • Grallert
    Grallert Member Posts: 586
    I just opened one of those. If I recall it's an 1 7/16ths socket. on a breaker. Have a dead blow handy. Or a big adjustable.
  • tcnjdeluca
    tcnjdeluca Member Posts: 29
    Mine seem to be 1 and 3/16 I need to go pick up a box end wrench of this size, my 1 1/4 slips a bit. Once I get the cover off will the seat be as difficult to remove?
  • Sailah
    Sailah Member Posts: 826
    No seats are usually easy. Typically 3/4" socket
    Peter Owens