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Protection of power supply

How to protect power supply against applying reverse voltage?


  • kcoppkcopp Posts: 3,325Member
    As in power surge? On the boilers that have circuit boards I install a surge suppressor where it plugs in....
  • Jean-David BeyerJean-David Beyer Posts: 2,628Member
    It was not practical to install a surge protector where my boiler plugs in because it does not plug in; it is wired in. I had a whole-house surge protector installed in my main distribution panel. Stuff like my computers, stereo, etc., do get supplementary power strips or UPS boxes.
  • HaroldHarold Posts: 201Member
    I believe the question was protecting against reverse voltage.

    But if you really mean that, you need to provide some additional information of what your wiring looks like and why you would need to prevent "reverse voltage".
  • LeonardLeonard Posts: 837Member
    edited January 31
    Your question needs some clarification.

    Odd question , most power supplies use 120VAC ( that is a sine wave so polarity of hot and neutral switch 60 times a second ( 60 hz)

    Other power supplys run on DC........ Do you want to protect your power supply from wrong DC polarity power going INTO it ( on it's input) .

    OR do you really mean you want to protect a DC LOAD from reverse polarity that a power supply might provide
  • hvacfreak2hvacfreak2 Posts: 474Member
    I can't think of better protection than the 400 series ICM ( within common folk price range ).

    Mechanical Enthusiast

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  • mayurilahanemayurilahane Posts: 2Member
    Thank you for this guidance
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