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Keeping your eyes open and mouth shut

clammy Member Posts: 3,113
Just a short anadote on looking about and never assuming and thinking before you start changing stuff around . Was called to take alook at a job that was recently upgraded for what ever reason most likely money well 2 140 munchkins cascaded issues w control who knows but they talk the ho into replacement they remove 2 140 put in another mod con differ t manufactures 285 . It’s in for 2 weeks no issue all of a sudden issues and they haven’t had a chance to change there number so I go to do a CA for them n look at gas line 3/4 i state that gas line is undersized even though it 10 ft pipe off a 2 inch line feet from meter they say no ok ain’t gonna argue . Hook up my stuff for CA and find all lower numbers Again I state undersized gas take out manual show them they say no try to adjust no dice I have them call tech service and yeah it’s undersized gas to much pressure drop . At 100 % fire where at 3.wc Long story short they had added a pool heater n generator and they redid the gas and chocked the gas line down to 3/4 pretty funny and it all could have been avoided if they would have opened the manual and looked instead of just going for the sale sickening . Of course now there’s a ton of issues why cause they neve looked out of the boiler room The house is all radiant at most 120 btu heat load now the short cycle blues till the new one fails Lessen is when u arrived some where look and think why and maybe if your mind is clear and pure not based on sales you will realize Like this guy he didn’t need a285 btu boiler he had 2 for redundance and for a huge dhw reguirements now he has no redundancy and a way oversized boiler which will never modulate down the smallest load just short cycle moral is u can fix stupid but can never fix lazy and greed y Agreed we all need to make money to survive and live . But each day I’m amazed at the garbage so called mechinacs do and leave for someone to tell the truth It seems the more they advertise the more they need to feed it that vicious circle maybe they should stick to what they know not anything that creates a bill The worse is companies who pay on commission w owners who are mia and basically do not care I thank god and myself to have the ability to work for myself it may not be the so called real world but it’s always truthful and I know I’ve done the best that I can for who Evers systems I touch and never have anyone to blame but myself peace and good luck ps look before u sell clammy
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