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VariVent 925005 vs Hoffman 1A Vent for Steam Radiator ADJUSTABLE or any other possibles??

HotnDry Member Posts: 14
Hey Gang,

Trying to figure out an air vent to screw into the end of a long cast iron baseboard radiator. As with many ancient installations the less you disturb things the fewer reasons you have to cry and this one really screams be careful. I tried a Hoffman 1A but can't swing it without moving the radiator. Went to the InterWeb and found a VariVent 925005. Can't get dimensions online nor at tech support. It looks promisingly compact. Anybody know how big this thing is? The center of the tap to the wall is 1 5/8" to max 1 3/4". Can you turn this thing off like you can a Hoffman 1A? Any other compact low pressure steam vents out there?

Here's what I'm looking for:
1/8" connection
Adjustable - room is overheated
Low Capacity - room is overheated
Swing Dimension of 1 5/8" or maybe 1 3/4" absolute max if angle type


  • coelcanth
    coelcanth Member Posts: 89
    the maid-o-mist with adjustable orifices is probably the most compact of the bunch and affordable too

  • gfrbrookline
    gfrbrookline Member Posts: 753
    I don't like either, I recommend Ventrite No. 1's. Much easier to adjust then the Hoffman and not as aggressive as the varivent. Also nice and quiet.
  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,542
    If you want to use the Hoffman or the Vent-Rite, buy a 1/8" brass elbow and a 1/8" brass street elbow, screw it into the baseboard. Turn it so that you clear the wall and then screw the vent into it and turn the elbows so that the vent is vertical
  • mikeg2015
    mikeg2015 Member Posts: 1,194
    Vent rites are in my limited experience the best vent. Quiet and cover the ideal range. I just wish they made a vertical version for wall radiators. I might just try installing it on a right angle.
  • Jells
    Jells Member Posts: 558
    I've had two bad 1As, can't recommend them. and I'd stay away from Varivents since they do not have any kind of float valve in case the system floods.