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thermostat on hydronic heat on with a thermostat for cooling

GlairGlair Posts: 2Member
I think I mentioned this yesterday but I have hot water heat using an American Polaris water heater I heard they were the most efficient water heater there was. And I believe it is . I only got 1200 square feet house so I got the smallest one they make. It does very well heating this house which is very well insulated. I don't claim to be an expert on this type of heating I got 6 loops 6 used zone valves and 4 small pumps. We have what we call the patio the house was in an L shape and I filled out the inside corner of the L and used large patio doors to fill out the inside corner then when we put a concrete flower in that corner I put I think it was 250 feet of 3/4 in. that 10x24 foot area hydronics PEX pipe. That area has a pump all by its self . which we keep that at 50 degrees which is for my wife's flowers.
When they put in a new central ac it has its own thermostat but it has the capabilities for heat so about a year ago I attempted to connect a small pump for some floor heat but I did not do something right and it caused some damage to a electronic board I think I got it figured out now . When you connect the thermostat wires the R and the RC has a jumper between the 2 of them and since the AC has its own 24 volt system which I did not think about but when you have this you are suppose to remove the jumper between the R&RC . Am I right about this and the AC already has the R in use with jumper remove I should be able to use the RC to run my under floor heat pump?


  • GlairGlair Posts: 2Member
    heating thermostat 24 volts says to put hot wire here how can you tell which one is hot wire?
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,671Member
    Looking at the transformer that provides the 24 volts, the "common" is the side that goes directly to the devices that utilize 24 volts for operation. The common is usually not switched by any other control.
    The hot would go up to the thermostat and that signal would return to the gas valve thru the switching action of the T-stat.
    Usually the "hot" always passes thru the T-stat and back to the heating system...not always.
    The hot at the T-stat is called the "R" wire, often red.
    The load side of the T-stat switch is called the "W", usually white in color.
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