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how to flush/descale a gas boiler (in NJ)?

willnj Member Posts: 5
Hi, one of the guys suggested that I should post this under Radiant Heating instead.

Thanks for reading the post and hope I can get some sound advice on this.

I noticed popping / banging noises from my peerless Mi 06 gas boiler when it is heating up the water in the past week. The noise stops seconds after the flames stop. I have a plan for worryfree in NJ but the technician that came told me that this is normal due to boiler age and my well water is likely causing calcification. Unit is from 2001 and I’m not sure when it’s installed.

I am not too sure how to go about descaling the boiler. (ie what solution to use, procedure to follow, etc). Read that we can use Fernox boiler cleaner but not sure where I can buy it locally in NJ. If this is not a first time DIY job, please let me know too. I would like to quiet down the boiler during this heating season.



  • Snowmelt
    Snowmelt Member Posts: 1,415
    You might have some air in the line. I dont think it’s calcium, if it is and you want to flush it out. You have to isolate the boiler from the radiant heat. You would want to put a cleaner then a nuterilazer in the system. You have to be careful, if your section of the boiler is rotted the calcium might be plugging it up. May I ask where in no are you located I’m in Avenel.
  • willnj
    willnj Member Posts: 5
    I don't think it is air because I have had air in the system before and bled it 1.5 months ago. It was quiet for the past month and just developed this noise (it is very similar to the popping noise from my old hot water heater of similar age).

    PSEG worryfree tech says it's sediment and just have to live with it.

    I am in Bridgewater.
  • EzzyT
    EzzyT Member Posts: 1,295
    @willnj private message me or you can reach me at 201-887-8856 and maybe we set up appointment
    E-Travis Mechanical LLC
  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,375
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    You won’t find anyone better than EzzyT.
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  • willnj
    willnj Member Posts: 5
    Not sure if this will help but I took a short 9s video to capture the issue.
    The background noise is the flames for the boiler and occasionally, you hear the popping/clanking noise which is what I am concerned about:
    (hear the first one at the 3 seconds mark)

    The noise stops within seconds after the system cuts off the flames when it reaches 180'F.
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    Was kind of difficult to hear w/o headphones... but sounded like percolation?
  • willnj
    willnj Member Posts: 5
    Yes, after googling the term, it seems that this is percolation. It resonates through the pipe when heat is on for the zone when the flames are going. Once the flames are off, it is silent.
  • NY_Rob
    NY_Rob Member Posts: 1,370
    Percolation can damage your boiler to the point of no repair if left unchecked. It will only get worse over time if not addressed.

    I would reach out to EzzyT as he was nice enough to give you his direct contact phone number.