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Honeywell Gas valve

Hi there, I have a Burnham that was under some water. I replaced the 8124E, a switching relay and a gas valve. The old one was a VR800C 1166, the new one is a VR8300C 1506. The old one had a sort of jumper, the new one doesn't. The gas valve won't open up. Ironically, I fired it up yesterday with the old valve and 8124. Just throwing it out there before I head back tomorrow.


  • DZoroDZoro Posts: 941Member
    Turn the gas off and power off to that boiler. At the very least ALL controls MUST BE REPLACED. No exceptions.
    Get a qualified technician to assess your situation.
    This is how houses blow up......
  • TonypositiveTonypositive Posts: 13Member
    Umm I am, I did. I was talking about the gas valve. 👍🏻
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