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Vaporstat pressure break causes Ecobee thermostat to lose power

lowballjlowballj Posts: 12Member
edited December 2018 in Strictly Steam
There isn't really a question here more of an observation and general frustration vent.

I have a Honeywell Vaporstat L408J1009 and when it breaks on pressure (10oz), it cuts the power to all things wired up in my boiler room. This includes the boiler, the thermostat power line that runs upstairs to my Ecobee, my hot water heater, and I assume my LWCO.

Because of this, it takes over 10 minutes after the vaporstat unbreaks on diff for the Ecobee to come back online, figure out what comfort setting to use, sync with all the temp sensors and then call for heat.

Fun screenshot of ecobee system monitor attached showing all the power losses

My assumption is that things should be completely rewired to not do this. I'm going to deal with this as-is for a month and have the plumbing company take a look when they come to fix a troublesome radiator valve.

Any wiring advice would be much appreciated. There's a Taco switching relay in the mix as well. I'd love to tackle this myself but I'm no electrical expert, nor is there a simple way to search "how do i wire up all the steam boiler things specific to my setup"

/rant :s


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