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In-airid steam vent

Have any one if you fine people cone across a steam rad vent such as this?


  • SteamheadSteamhead Posts: 12,868Member
    Many times! Welcome to the World of Steam.
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  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,578Member
    I thought the vent hole in those was a paper clip size.
    This one looks reamed out....or not?
  • chestyp74chestyp74 Posts: 5Member
    So I'm assuming that like all one pipe air vents, these need replacing every 10 years as well? Not 80 years. What is the vent rate on these, I'm assuming these aren't a one size fits all. This job has rads as big as 120 edr and as small as 27 edr. Very I'm even heat. End of mains are getting a make over as well. I want to remove them and put Hoffman 1a adjustable vents in to balance the system better.
  • chestyp74chestyp74 Posts: 5Member
    Yes the hole does appear to be larger than a paper clip. This pic is on a road with edr of 120. Is the their way of allowing to vent the rad faster by reaming the hole out?
  • If they are letting the air out, and closing against steam, then they are still good, even though, they are really mounted in a higher position than a standard radiator vent.
    What sort of main vents have you got?—NBC
  • Danny ScullyDanny Scully Posts: 1,153Member
    edited December 2018
    @nicholas bonham-carter, “The In-Air-Rid also has a spring loaded seat that seals the last radiator section from the next-to-last section. When steam enters the radiator from the bottom it rises to the top of the radiator because it's lighter than air. Once at the top, the steam wants to move horizontally across the top of the radiator and toward the vent. Without that spring-loaded seat, the steam would close the vent before most of the radiator was hot, but with it, the steam has to take a detour downward through that next-to-last radiator section, and then upward into the final section. This ensures that the radiator heats all the way across.” If you remove them @chestyp74, please send them all my way, free of charge of course. Consider it tuition :lol:
  • chestyp74chestyp74 Posts: 5Member
    The EOM vent is the typical single vent that is plugged up. It takes steam 30 plus minutes to make its way around. I am bidding 5 new gorton main vents. I will attempt to remove those in-arid vents hot cold method. If the body is all brass I should be ok. If it's cast iron they may have to be cut out. Yes. If anyone wants one I will share. I have 9 to remove.
  • JUGHNEJUGHNE Posts: 5,578Member
    I would just leave them if not leaking.
    Add an air vent on the side in the normal location.

    Are there plugged taps on the side of the rad.
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