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Recommendations for Thermostat with remote sensor

Hello, I have a 2-pipe steam system in a up/down duplex in North Dakota (brrrr).

Currently the round honeywell thermostat is located in the 2nd floor unit in the living dining room area. I have been considering relocating the thermostat with a new one to the boiler room in the basement and installing a remote sensor in the 2nd floor unit - or if possible a remote sensor in both units. I occupy the main floor and have tenants on the second floor. The system stays balanced and heats well on both floors and generally keeps both parties happy during the heart of winter. The shoulder seasons in fall and spring seem to keep me bothering my tenants to make slight adjustments more than I would like to keep both of us happy.

I have read on the forum that the Honeywell Vision Pro Thermostat is recommended for this type of install but from my limited understanding some don't have an option for 2 remote sensors...just 1, 4 or 8.

Any recommendations? Thoughts on trying to go with 2 sensors or is this not recommended?

I am planning on getting a pro to do the install just wanted seek out advice from other pros before making a decision. Thanks!


  • Le JohnLe John Posts: 130Member
    I am using a redlink Vison Pro 8000 with 1 indoor wireless and 1 outdoor sensors and they work very well. The wireless indoor remote will display indoor Humidity and Temperature. (You can also average 4 indoor sensors + the stat sensor) The outdoor sensor will display outdoor temp and outdoor humidity on the stat itself.
  • ratioratio Posts: 2,035Member
    Yes, the RedLINK versions of the Honeywell stats can average from one to IIRC 4 wireless indoor sensors. Since it's the microcontroller doing the averaging, you're not limited to a square number of remotes.

    Additionally, Honeywell (& possibly others) offers a 20k wired remote that is intended to allow an odd number of sensors, it takes the place of two series-wired 10k sensors.

  • garrettgjpgarrettgjp Posts: 19Member
    Awesome, thank you for the recommendation. The RedLINK looks like the way to go!
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