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Is my water heater definitely toast?

PJK1979PJK1979 Posts: 5Member
A few days ago, I noticed a small puddle at the base of my Weil McLain Gold Plus 40 indirect water heater. The puddle dried up after a few hours but then reappeared after a few people took morning showers. I called my plumber and he told me to turn off the water and turn down the temperature on the tank. When I went to turn down the water temperature on the tank, some drops of water came out from under the thermostat.

The plumber came to inspect the tank the next day and couldn’t find the exact source of the leak and said that was typical with this type of system. He’s recommending that we replace the whole system (which will not be cheap). Is there any chance that something else could be going on and this heater could be salvaged? I thought that these indirect water heaters typically had longer lifespans.

The water heater was installed 10 years ago by the previous homeowner, so unfortunately it’s no longer under warranty.



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