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High boiler water and condensate pH

logantlogant Posts: 2Member
We are experiencing high pH around 11-13, in our boiler water and condensate. We adjusted already the ratio of our 2 boiler chemicals. It has a TPH of 8. Need help on what are the things need to check?


  • Why not measure the Ph of the tap water, and if it is in the 8-9 range, dump the water in the boiler, and refill without chemicals.
    recheck the water Ph in a couple of weeks, and report back.
    Chemicals in the boiler can have unwanted consequences, (except for the chemical company!!!).--NBC
  • logantlogant Posts: 2Member
    What do you mean can have unwanted consequences? So do you mean we need to try not using those chemicals?
  • Pure water produces the best “boil”, and steam rises out of the surface of the water without taking a lot of liquid with it.
    Water with dissolved solids, especially with too basic a pH will froth, (think of covered potatoes in a saucepan, boiling over), and cause too much water to be thrown up into the pipes.
    As you add more and more chemicals monthly, the concentration of the chemicals gets higher, and in the end only the chemical company benefits. The bottom of the boiler can be clogged up with all the chemicals, interfering with heat transfer.
    There are some situations where chemicals are needed, such as those where water is added constantly to produce process steam, or where the tap water is impure.—NBC
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