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Something Different

emd360 Member Posts: 1
I installed a working indoor wood fired boiler. The EPA rules when I purchased and installed the boiler excluded wood boilers and cookstoves. But this wood boiler has European clean air certification and was sold by Buderas as well as the Polish stove supplier. Don't worry about my insurance or city inspections they are done and passed as a regular wood stove and a heating appliance. I supplied the heating system diagrams and installation instructions to the city when they asked.
It is a primary/secondary piping system with two pumps. It took me some time to reason out the piping and controls which are manual not automatic. The stove operates safely with correct pressure release and it works very well now. The biggest hurdle was the pressure release. The stove called for a European type cistern overflow. I am an amateur so most would caution against a DIY system design and installation but I'm a decent researcher and learner. I had a problem figuring out how to get fresh water into the cistern in my setup. The stove is designed to stay below atmospheric pressure internally thus the cistern pressure release; the solution was a pressure release valve at atmospheric pressure and a regular fresh water supply valve. Actually although I got a lot of guff, the folks at Hearth.com helped me figure this one out.
I also tried installing just one pump and having a storage tank for the heated water. I switched to primary secondary for safety. There is a three way valve that introduces water from the return side if the primary loop gets too hot. There is an aqua stat that turns on the second pump when the water reaches 90 degrees. When work was being done in the utility room I removed the storage tank and the system seemed to work better directly to the heat exchange plate. It is a very efficient house and a wood fire is mostly for ambiance. But it is also emergency backup for the gas boiler. The wood boiler is rated to provide approximately 27000 btu with ideal wood.
This was not an inexpensive system. I spent about $3500 dollars setting it up even reusing copper and left over high heat pex from my other systems. Not to mention my time in design and re-design. We don't need much heat in the house so on a cold evening a fire in the stove will delay the mod/con triangle tube challenger boiler firing until morning. I'm not advocating this system for anyone else. It's Just something different for your entertainment. http://blog.twinsprings.com/category/house-systems/radiant/fireplace-boiler/

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delta T


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,256

    When you visit the ISH show in Germany, every two years, they have an entire hall dedicated to wood and pellet burners, many of them operating, so wear shorts when you visit that hall.

    You will see "parlor boilers" like that from manufacturers all over Europe. Many nice wood burning cook stoves also. A fun visit if you like to see plumbing and heating stuff from around the globe..
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • Henry
    Henry Member Posts: 998
    Austria mandates that one has to have two different heat sources. Pellet is the usual secondary. Trausnigg does amazing work in Europe. Look at the pictures of this install: https://traussnigg.at/privatkunden/referenzen/wohnhaus-koeflach/
  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,379
    Your circulator won't last if you leave it mounted vertically; it has to be mounted with the shaft horizontal to assure the end bearing gets sufficient lubrication.
    Bob Boan
    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
  • GBart
    GBart Member Posts: 746
    Awesome, nice set up., seen many people buy those wood boilers for outside with a maul like a sperm whale, they forgot the one thing you need for those, a HUGE supply of free wood.
  • Solid_Fuel_Man
    Solid_Fuel_Man Member Posts: 2,646
    Is there a percentage rating of how much heat makes it to the water a d what is given as direct radiant heat like a stove?
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