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Good news and bad news....

Been posting recently about new h/e and repiping my boiler. Finally 100% done. Look s good as far as I can tell. Now the bad news, filled her up turned on power, called for heat Heard a click at the lwco, amber and green light illuminated for about a second and then nothing. If I drain the water, the amber light will illuminate when water goes low. Heading out to get my meter and dig into it but thought I might throw this out there and see if anyone with more controls experience can offer some ideas. I did not use tape when I installed the probe but I don't know if I used dope "sparingly". I hear the probes can be sensitive.

Probe is a cycle guard cg400. No automatic feeder hooked up to it.


  • Fred
    Fred Member Posts: 8,518
    Cyclegards are a pia. Check to make sure there is a good ground. How long did you wait after the green light went out? I think the Cyclegard has a delay (several minutes, supposedly to allow any foaming to drop away from the probe to make sure the water level is ok) before it allows the boiler to re-fire. Safegards are the better option.
    STEAM DOCTOR Member Posts: 1,368
    If I remember correctly the green light will only go on during a test cycle. It could be any number of issues. I am assuming that the boiler is not firing even though you're calling for heat with the thermostat. Do you have an electronic ignition or a standing pilot?
  • rwilson2526
    rwilson2526 Member Posts: 16
    Never mind, I'm an idiot. There is a splice in my thermostat wire that must of came undone when I was rerouting everything. All good news for now. Thanks everyone.