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Weil-McLain EG-50 (repipe job)

Dave0176Dave0176 Posts: 1,040Member
edited October 2018 in Strictly Steam
With this job the boiler is waaay oversized, don’t understand the reasoning behind installing such a large boiler, however the current HO inherited it when he purchased the home two years ago. He said the heat was terrible, very uneven, very noisy, boiler was very dirty. He hired a plumber who came in for a cleaning, he claimed he skimmed and added squick flushed it a few times and left.

HO called me, I did an EDR first and came up with 280 EDR load against the boilers output of 454 EDR, so I recommend a two stage gas valve and a repipe because the piping wasn’t great. We did it in stages with the gas valve last winter and now the repiping. Boiler manual calls for 1) 2-1/2 riser into a 2-1/2 header, however this as far as I’m concerned is waaay too small so in goes 2) 3” risers about 40” above the water line into a 3” header with a 2” equalizer.

Also during a recent kitchen renovation someone installed a radiator or should I say repiped and moved a radiator, anyway they pitched the pipe towards the radiator so you know how well it drains condensate. I’m going pull the pipe down which will put the pipe below the main, so to remedy this it will be dripped into its own return.

To get the old plug out of the boiler I cut it in half with a sawzall then made two vertical cuts, then a chisel and hammer and caped it right out easily.

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